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Mixed reactions confuse me…..

This Richie Incognite situation really has me scratching my head trying to determine the difference between right, wrong, and acceptable.  After following the entire ordeal I have came to the conclusion that Richie Incognito is getting a bit of a raw deal from the Miami Dolphins and the National Footabll League.

First, I don’t support anything Incognito said in the locker room or in any of his voicemail messages to Jonathan Martin.  If Jonathan Martin was truely hurt by what he was saying, and I believe he was, then he did what he had to do to take care of himself…I can’t fault him for that either.  It’s the reaction by  the leagues network analysts, and the Miami Dolphins that have me a bit confused.

Reports came out that Richie had a “pass” and was allowed to use the N word in the locker room in front of teammates, no matter their skin color.  This sparked outrage, i watched Michael Irvin and Marshall Faulk on the NFL Network right after everything was announced talk about how there was no leadership in the locker room and the players that let Richie get away with using the N word regularly in the locker room need to come forward because that was some type of human rights sin that led to all of this? Many other, both white and African-American reporters have mirrored this stance.  It makes perfect since to me, all it would take is one stong minded person to stand up, be thoughtful and educate these people.  Well, then I came to work and started listening to Macklemore and have heard other non African-American musicians use the same word.  It must be ok in music, but not in football??  That to me is confusing.  I can easily see how this word could get mixed into anyones vocabulary.  How about basketball, is it ok for basketball players?  Seems to me that white hip hop musicians are given this “pass” regularly so why can’t a white football player carry the same imaginary “pass?”

To me, if the word is as hateful as we have been taught it is a rapper, a white rapper, using the word for everyone to hear including every child who turns on the radio or BET is far more derogatory than a football player using the word in the confines of an all adult, profanity laced locker room.  Despite Irvin and Faulk saying Miami has a weak locker room and no leadership most Dolphins players, white and black,  are standing behind their actions for allowing a “pass” as well as supporting Incognito regardless if they agree or disagree with what he said or did to Jonathan Martin.  That, people, is called team unity.  I can’t say for sure or not if that exists in most NFL locker rooms but my gut tells me Incognito probably would have been left to roast on most NFL teams and although he most likely will not play for the Dolphins again the early reports of people saying we may never see him again in the NFL appear to be an over reaction.

It would be nice if the word would just fall from existance, but we all know that’s not going to happen…..ever.  Myself, I find the word as offensive as fa**ot, sl*t or c u next Tuesday….that doesn’t mean every one hasn’t slipped out of my sailors mouth at sometime. To me, the main issue in this entire situation should have been bullying but it has turned into a race ordeal.  Again, I believe Jonathan Martin was offended and he was holding alot of pain inside and he did the right thing for himself to lead a healthy career.

I could go on and on and on about this topic…..I’ve watched ESPN, FOX, CBS and the NFL Network for the past few weeks tackle this issue from every angle imaginable.  I just can’t make sense of Richie Incognito getting kicked out of his profession (who I dont think had, or has any hate for Jonathan Martin) for using the same word that I basically promote when I play peoples music at a party or on the radio.



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